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STEM for Sustainability: Broadcom Coding with Commitment

In September of 2022, the United Nations panel on #STEM for the #SDGs – Engaging Youth via Coding with Commitment featured Michael MelilloBervin HarrisPrisha Shroff, & Robert Thomas from Renaissance Youth Center with moderator Dominic-Madori Davis.  The focus was on how we can inspire & empower young people to make real change in their communities & the world, impacting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations! #SDGMS2022 PVBLIC Foundation

shown at the United Nations on September 9, 2022

Watch panelists from Broadcom Inc., Broadcom Foundation & Renaissance Youth Center at the United Nations as they encourage young people to Code with Commitment by participating in Code Clubs in classrooms and out of school spaces.   

Broadcom Coding with Commitment inspires students in grades 5-8 to combine STEM learning with coding to solve a community problem they care about that aligns with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDG).

To find a code club or coding program near you, write to Raspberry Pi Foundation of North America at

10 years ago we had a vision to put the “T” of #STEM Discovery Cube to bring #coding to young people in #OrangeCounty with Raspberry Pi.

When young people learn to #code, they can solve world problems and help their communities. Thank you to so many partners that continue to work tirelessly to fulfill our shared vision including:

Watch Sandra O’Neill on Pizarrón 52, a segment of Telemundo 52, report on laptops donated to Think Together students in Southeast Los Angeles to keep kids learning #afterschool and through the #Pandemic. Thank you for shedding light into the important work that is being done! #STEM #backtoschool #community

Watch #CodetheBronx @RenYouthCenter & @mrharrisryc on how to use the Engineering Design Process and make helpful things like masks. Always ask questions and be part of the solution

#codingisfun #problemsolving
#RYCSTEM #Coding #Robotics

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Winds of change are carrying the Broadcom Foundation in a new direction to “meet the moment.”  Global challenges of the post-pandemic economy have intensified efforts to educate youth to become digitally-literate and to combine scientific knowledge with engineering to insure sustainability of our planet. The foundation is executing new strategies for in-and-out of school education and job retraining, in which digital literacy for all is the primary goal.

Broadcom Foundation has expanded its criteria for 21st century skills-building to include Coding and Computational Thinking along with Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication. Foundation programs are also emphasizing the importance of Leadership, Initiative and Civic Awareness through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by incorporating  Community Action in order to teach young people to “think globally and act locally” to help attain the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

Because the global pandemic has accelerated more ubiquitous use of online learning, Broadcom Foundation is championing equitable access to STEM learning through innovative partnerships that combine online and in person-learning methodologies.  Working alongside the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the Foundation is encouraging establishment of Code Clubs in classrooms and afterschool programs in order to tap expansive free resources of this new partner. The Foundation is also expanding its relationship with that offers free project-based resources to STEM learners participating in science fairs.

The Foundation remains deeply committed to science fairs as an important forum for student growth and self-expression and will continue to support middle school fairs throughout the US and India.  The newly-created Broadcom Coding with Commitment® award is intended to recognize low-income and under-represented students participating in science fairs whose access to STEM and coding resources may be more limited than other students, by providing more access through after-school and informal learning spaces. This award will also be presented at the Society for Science’s national middle school science competition that will be sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific, commencing in 2023.

Code Clubs, science fairs, and other sponsored-programs like Coolest Projects Global and Coolest Projects Malaysia are designed to provide opportunities for Broadcom Inc. engineers and staff to participate as mentors, judges, and Code Club volunteers in communities where they live and work around the world.  As a member of the STEM Funders Network and supporter of STEM Ecosystems, Broadcom Foundation is honored to work alongside dedicated STEM professionals who are committed to giving the next generation the tools they need to realize their dreams and aspirations as young scientists, engineers and innovators.

"Our task is to encourage young people to learn to code and value coding as an essential 21st Century Skill that empowers them to solve problems in their community and become the scientists, engineers and innovators of the future."
Paula Golden
President, Broadcom Foundation
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