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We are going through an unprecedented time that is challenging our nation and the entire world to embrace great change. Until the day comes when a vaccine is readily available, the COVID-19/ Coronavirus will continue to threaten our families, friends and neighbors, first responders and healthcare providers. In addition, racial justice and equity are at the forefront of concern at a time of great social and economic upheaval.

These crises are not independent of one another and Broadcom Foundation is committed to seeking innovative ways to achieve its goals to advance STEM and create opportunity at this historic time. Whether promoting creative on-line learning or championing access to STEM education for all students, we intend to be part of the solution.

One day, life will return to “a new normal,” but for the time being, it is important for all of us to reach out to others in need of our support. Please find a way to support parents, teachers, and out-of- school providers who must find new ways to engage all of our kids during this crisis.

Stay safe.

"We transform young women and men from seeing themselves as a student who is interested in science and engineering to someone who sees themselves as a scientist and engineer."
Paula Golden
President, Broadcom Foundation

A Woman’s Path

to a STEM Career is Through Collaboration

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