10 years ago we had a vision to put the “T” of #STEM Discovery Cube to bring #coding to young people in #OrangeCounty with Raspberry Pi.

When young people learn to #code, they can solve world problems and help their communities. Thank you to so many partners that continue to work tirelessly to fulfill our shared vision including:

Watch Sandra O’Neill on Pizarrón 52, a segment of Telemundo 52, report on laptops donated to Think Together students in Southeast Los Angeles to keep kids learning #afterschool and through the #Pandemic. Thank you for shedding light into the important work that is being done! #STEM #backtoschool #community

Watch #CodetheBronx @RenYouthCenter & @mrharrisryc on how to use the Engineering Design Process and make helpful things like masks. Always ask questions and be part of the solution

#codingisfun #problemsolving #RYCSTEM #Coding #Robotics 

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This unprecedented time challenges our nation and the entire world to embrace great change.  The COVID-19/ Coronavirus has brought us into a brave new world in STEM education in which racial justice coincides with our long-standing commitment to equity and access in education.   The pandemic has brought a time of great social and economic upheaval: a time when foundations such as ours must re-evaluate the impact of our philanthropic contributions.

The Broadcom Foundation is exploring innovative ways to achieve its goals to advance STEM and create opportunity by promoting creative online learning and championing equitable access to STEM education for all students.  As a member of the STEM Funders Network, the foundation strives to be part of the solution.

Keeping all children safe while they learn is a challenge faced all over the world.  With communications tools, some powered by Broadcom technology, they can and will receive education during this crisis. One day, life will return to “a new normal,” but for the time being, it is important for all of us to reach out to others in need of support.  

Please find a way to support dedicated first responders who batter the pandemic daily and the parents, teachers, and out-of-school providers who engage and educate our children during this crisis.

Stay safe.

"Our task is to help young people see their futures as scientists, engineers and innovators by connecting the dots between their personal interests with accessible science, technology, engineering and mathematics."
Paula Golden
President, Broadcom Foundation
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