Wyoming Winner Uses Coding to Solve Mobility

Abdullah Khan, an 8th grader from McCormick Junior High School in Cheyenne, Wyoming, received the 2022 Broadcom Coding with Commitment award at the Wyoming State Science Fair.  Sponsored by Broadcom Foundation, Broadcom Coding with Commitment recognizes students in grades 5-8 who combine STEM learning with coding to solve a community problem they care about that aligns with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. 

Abdullah’s project addresses the mobility of Parkinson’s disease – a neurodegenerative disease that affects motor functions and causes many mobility challenges, from impaired eyesight to uncertain balance and loss of motor control, causing a significantly increased risk of falling.  Abdullah’s project aims to assist individuals with Parkinson’s disease by using ultrasonic sensors that alert the individual to nearby obstacles and a laser to help guide their steps.

Abdullah Khan uses coding and STEM to address mobility issues related to Parkinson’s disease.

“Health is one of the most critical sustainable development goals that needs to be addressed, and this project exemplifies how technology will be part of the solution,” said Paula Golden, president of Broadcom Foundation.  “We are enormously proud of Abdullah.”

Abdullah started coding in 5th grade with “Hour of Code” activities. Over the next few years, he deepened his interest in coding, learned more languages and how to operate microcontrollers and other components. Abdullah credits his sister for introducing him to new concepts and supporting him along his journey.  

“For me, the feeling of creating and running code successfully is an exciting rush that motivates me to keep finding new ways of using my coding skills to help my community,” said Abdullah.

Abdullah plans on further developing his design with his new Raspberry Pi, adding a fall detection system and GPS capabilities to further assist in managing Parkinson’s symptoms. 

“I’m looking forward to addressing the challenges of Parkinson’s, one of the most common neurodegenerative diseases, which will improve the well-being of people throughout the country and world,” said Abdullah.

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