Welcome to the New Broadcom Foundation Website, We Hope You’ll B-Inspired


Since the 2009 launch of the Broadcom Foundation, we’ve been inspired by an all-important mission:  To advance science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and close the skills gap for young men women throughout the United States and the world.


We’ve been honored to sponsor leading STEM competitions in the U.S. and abroad and are gratified by the commitment we’ve witnessed in young scholars and their families. We are enormously proud of Broadcom employees — as well as our Foundation and corporate partners — who share our commitment toward improving STEM education.and women throughout the United States and the world.

As we enter a new school year and a fresh season of innovative STEM competition, we’re thrilled to introduce an important innovation of our own:  our new digital home!

We’ve revamped BroadcomFoundation.org with three major goals in mind:

  • To keep you apprised of all news related to our Foundation’s mission and goals and of the programs that drive our success.
  • To more creatively share stories about what we do by shining the spotlight on the exceptional students, educators and partners who are as passionate as we are about promoting project-based learning and improving the quality of STEM education for students from all walks of life. Through video posts, infographics, and a range of multi-media extras, we hope to provide you with a three-dimensional view of Foundation initiatives.
  • To offer a fresh look and feel, improved navigation, and compelling, dynamic content for our site as a way of achieving these goals.

We’re also very proud to launch our new Broadcom Community Blog, called B-Inspired, as well as a new Foundation Twitter handle, @BroadcomSTEM.

At B-Inspired, we will discuss ideas, initiatives and STEM developments in the news that focus on the importance of hands-on, project-based learning in STEM education.  We intend to engage with like-minded STEM advocates who also want to spread the news across the Twitterverse and beyond.

We’ll follow the annual Broadcom MASTERS competitions as they unfold in the U.S. and abroad and celebrate key corporate social responsibility activities of Broadcom and its employees.

When I joined Broadcom Foundation four years ago, I worked with the Broadcom leadership to develop guiding principles and a clear set of goals:

  • Advance STEM learning at all levels of education.
  • Increase the number of engineers entering the workforce by supporting innovative programs that inspire and motivate youth to pursue a career in engineering.
  • Reduce economic disparity by creating opportunities for all qualified students to pursue STEM educational degrees.
  • Close the STEM education gap among women, ethnic and minority populations.
  • Improve the vitality of communities and create opportunities for volunteerism where Broadcom employees live and work around the globe.
  • Strengthen Broadcom’s commitment to social responsibility and global citizenship.

Our slate of community and schools-based initiatives are aimed achieving these goals.

We are especially fortunate to sponsor the Broadcom MASTERS, our flagship annual competition that has, in relatively short order, grown to become an internationally recognized program. This program, which focused intently on the power of personal transformation at the middle school level, is designed to create an environment in which students recognize the importance of core competency in STEM topics and stick with these topics through high school — and thereby positioning themselves for exciting college and career choices.

Paula with students at MASTERS eventThe stakes are high – and not only for those who undertake the rigorous phases of the MASTERS competition, but for all of us invested in a competitive future in STEM. We invite you to work with us to clear an open path that will allow us to raise our collective standing through STEM achievement.

We hope you’ll visit our site early and often, follow our efforts on B-Inspired and chime in on Twitter with your insights, recommendations and tips for how we can do more of this important work.