Watch Paula Golden Discuss 2020 Virtual ISEF & Broadcom MASTERS International

Today marks the first day of the virtual 2020 Regeneron International Science & Engineering Fair, the first time in over 70 years.  Over 10,000 people from 107 countries, regions and territories have registered to experience the world’s largest STEM event online.

The Broadcom MASTERS International program also goes online this week with 25 middle school science fair winners from 20 different countries experiencing a virtual connection that rewards and inspires them to continue in STEM.

We congratulate all 1,255 ISEF finalists and 25 Broadcom MASTERS International delegates for their achievements, and our hearts go out to all the students who were not able to compete this year.  We know your generation has an unwavering passion to change the world for the better and this is more important than ever!

Continue your drive, tenacity and passion to tackle the world’s global problems!


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