2022 Broadcom MASTERS finalists
Name Hometown Project
Thomas Aldous PA Remote Rescue Robot: Robotic Hand Controlled by Human Motion
Tate Baum UT Throwing a Curve Like Kershaw
Dhroov Bharatia TX QuakeWake: AI to the Rescue
Ankit Biswas NC A Novel LP-Based Approach To Mitigating Launch Vehicle CO2 Emissions
Madison Checketts UT The Eco-Hero
Marco Chua FL Wave Force Dissipation: Testing the Effectiveness of Geometric Shapes in Wave Breaking
Shaunak Dalal PA Effect Upon Closure Dynamics of the Application of Weak Acids to the Pulvinus of the Venus Fly Trap
Jeanelle Dao CA Controlling Doors Using Interface Technology With Steps for People With Hand Disabilities (CONDUITS)
Mina Fedor CA EEG Theta During Self-Directed Versus Passive Spatial Memory Encoding and Retrieval
Victoria Harding Bradley CA Green Ears: A Study of Ultrasonic Acoustic Emissions in Response to Environmental Stressors in Plants
Rory Hu CA The Effects of Pesticides, Caffeine and Tea Polyphenols on the Visual and Olfactory Learning and Memory of the Honey Bee
Landon Huber FL Forged in Fire: Strength and Hardness of Metal
Skye Knox OR Laboratory Testing of Chemical Cloud Seeding
Mahi Kohli KS Identifying Potential Alzheimer’s Biomarkers in Cerebrospinal Fluid
Cooper Kroeker NE Effects of Global Temperature Increase on Aviation
Alexander Montgomery FL The Impact of Different Environmental Conditions on Galvanic Corrosion at Launchpad Structures
Kasey Moore FL The Effect of Uncaria tomentosa (Cat’s Claw) in Learning and Memory in Lymnaea stagnalis (The Great Pond Snail)
Luka Nguyen NV Which Mangroves (Mature Plants vs. Immature Propagules) Thrive Better and Are Best Suited for Aerial Reforestation?
Sritej Padmanabhan PA Can Video Analysis of Hand Tremors Aid in Telehealth?
Moitri Santra FL Innovative Engineering Tools for Controlling Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB): Year 3
Sanjan Sarang TX Testing the Impact of Food Ingredients, Consumer Products and Their Packaging on the Human Endocrine System
Mona Schwickert AZ Sun Lotions and Bathing Suit Straps: The Impact Sun Lotions Have on Bathing Suit Straps’ Elasticity
Elizabeth Shen NC Flower Petal-Inspired Computer Memory Leveling via the Golden Ratio
Ethan Shlossberg PA Quail Egg Patterns: Unique to a Quail?
Aryaman Shukla NC Repurposed Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Leaf Mulch Pellets
Emma Simmons MD Portable Bronchodilator Delivery System for Equine Inflammatory Respiratory Diseases
Sarah Simmons MD Portable Bronchodilator Delivery System for Equine Inflammatory Respiratory Diseases
Kai Unwin-Wisnosky PA Are Four Scaled-Down Savonius Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines More Efficient Than a Single-Scaled Wind Turbine of the Same Type?
James Xiao PA The Role of Gut Bacterial Metabolome in Colorectal Cancer (CRC)
Ethan Yan CA Can “One Look” by Machine Detect Acute Leukemia? Classic and Novel Deep Learning-Based Detection Systems for Leukemia