Learn a Superpower – Coding

Marking the dawn for yet another superhero revival, Wonder Woman, is enjoying a much-anticipated reprise at movie theaters everywhere — the popular comic heroine finally displays her superpower strength on the big screen.

An idol to young women everywhere, Wonder Woman demonstrates power and ability in both body and mind — she is able to solve problems using what we now call ‘21st century skills’ — problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity.2015.8.GirlscoutsOC_STEM_5KelseyKeuning_settingup

How can your own little (K-12) wonder woman acquire these skills?  By learning to code!  Check out this fun game by Google Play, Made with Code and Warner Bros.  Help Wonder Woman fight the bad guys and learn programming concepts at the same time.


Or buy a $35 Raspberry Pi – the tiny, user-friendly computer that makes coding easy and possibilities endless.  Learn how to make your own photo booth, weather station or e-book library to name a few.  Or how about streaming music, playing HD videos and games, and blocking Internet ads!

Your code can even go to space! Watch British ESA astronaut Tim Peake using an AstroPi with sensors and a camera that uses programs written by students to observe the earth, detect radiation, measure changes to Earth’s atmosphere and even, play games in space.

Even if coding isn’t you or your child’s career path, it teaches skills like problem solving that go a long way in life, and can make a child more ‘marketable’ in the future.  Read about 4 reasons you need coding skills even if you don’t want to be an engineer.

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Ok, I want to learn to code.  How do I start?



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