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The Foundation focuses on signature programs located in regions where Broadcom employees live and work that align with the mission and goals of the foundation in:

  • University Research
  • STEM Education
  • Community Programs Supported by Broadcom

Broadcom Foundation adheres to a policy of carefully scrutinizing operating budgets, strategic plans, board participation and other resources of nonprofits it supports. All organizations must demonstrate solid financial and program management and be willing to share financial and program audit reports upon request.

Broadcom Foundation DOES NOT make gifts to the following entities:

  • Individuals
  • For-Profit entities
  • Fraternal, labor, political or social organizations
  • Political parties or candidates
  • Sectarian religious organizations
  • Private schools K-12
  • Trade or business associations
  • Organizations that are not publicly -supported charities exempt from tax under IRC section 501(c)(3)
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, gender, national origin, or other similar factors

Broadcom Foundation DOES NOT make charitable gifts for the following activities:

    • Advertising journals, booklets, etc.
    • Any purpose that directly benefits Broadcom or its employees
    • Congresses, symposiums and meetings
    • Individual or family requests for scholarships, fellowship assistance or other types of support
    • Organizations that collect funds for redistribution

to other nonprofit groups

    • Lobbying
    • Technical research in support of Broadcom products
    • Political candidates, campaigns and activities
    • Sporting events (tickets and sponsorships)
    • The benefit of any particular individual, including individual travel and/or study
    • Travel unrelated to a foundation funded project
    • Trips, tours or cultural exchange programs
    • University administrative, management or indirect

costs, unless pre-approved by the foundation
Broadcom Foundation gifts are generally NOT approved for:

  • Endowments, capital or building campaigns (unless initiated by Broadcom Foundation)
  • Regular, ongoing, operating support
  • Agencies, projects or programs normally financed by government sources
  • Contingencies, deficits or debt reduction
  • Contributions in the name of a memorial tribute
  • Special fundraising events and ticket purchases (i.e ., dinners, walks, runs, rides, etc.)
  • Matching gifts*

*Broadcom Ltd. may offer a matching program for employees (TBD) [/content_box][/content_boxes][/one_full]