Earth Day 2013: Broadcom’s Events Go Global

It’s a day that’s intended to raise awareness about the impact that we are all having on the planet and how, with just a little bit of effort, each of us can help lighten the load on Mother Earth.

At Broadcom offices from Singapore to San Jose and, of course, our Irvine, Calif., headquarters, employees took part in activities today to help raise awareness for Earth Day, including posing for some fun “wear green” photos ops for the company blog and Facebook photo album. More importantly, they represented a company that is renewing its commitment to explore ways – large and small – to be a good steward of the planet.

The annual Earth Day celebration is a global event that began in 1970 with 20 million Americans holding coast-to-coast rallies to raise awareness about human impact an the environment. For Broadcom and its employees, it’s an annual celebration and reflection of the efforts that we – as a global company – making to help lessen our impact.

At Broadcom’s Earth Day events last year, employees in our San Jose, San Diego and Irvine, Calif. offices recycled more than 17,000 pounds of e-waste, such as unwanted computer towers, old cathode ray tube TVs and computer monitors. It’s still too early to know how much e-waste was collected at this year’s events, especially since the e-recycling events expanded to locations in China, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Singapore.

For Broadcom, the commitment to reducing its impact on the environment is more than just an annual event. At every turn – from our offices to our chip designs – employees are helping save the planet in their daily routines. Consider that:

  • More than 70 percent of waste from company headquarters — including paper, bottles and cans — is sent to offsite recycling prior to final disposal.
  • Some locations provide on-site amenities such as cafes, fitness facilities, dry cleaning and car-detailing to help keep cars off the road and reduce transportation-related emissions.
  • On-site cafes host earth-friendly promotions such as local farmer and sustainability events.
  • Energy consumption is minimized through the use of Energy Star-compliant equipment, motion-detection lighting, reclaimed water for irrigation and environmentally-friendly restroom supplies.
  • The shift to paper cups for beverages and soups throughout our North America locations will eliminate the use of nearly 1 million Styrofoam cups.
  • Used pens in many offices are collected for recycling to benefit Science Buddies, a nonprofit group that helps students build literacy in science and technology.

Broadcom is a participant in the Carbon Disclosure Project, an independent, not-for-profit organization that holds the largest database of corporate climate change information in the world. The company has released its first Corporate Social Responsibility Scorecard, as a measure Broadcom’s global citizenship activities. Finally, Broadcom complies with policies and principals for environmental management systems, preferred procurement and waste reduction, and for removing or reducing lead (Pb) and other potentially hazardous materials from all of our products.

The Earth Day Network, a nonprofit group that organizes the yearly event, is focusing its efforts this year around a photo campaign depicting the “faces of climate change.” The organization is encouraging people around the world to upload photos depicting the theme and spreading the word on Twitter, using the hashtag #faceofclimate.