Broadcom MASTERS®: Future Innovators Team to Explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Do you remember your first science project and the pride that came with presenting your findings? Even better, were you able to connect with other like-minded kids at your science fair?

Igniting a passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) among middle school students is an important mission of the Broadcom Foundation. If students are encouraged to explore science and math at this pivotal age, chances are greater that they will stay with these subjects in high school and college, preparing them to become innovators of the future. Motivating children around the world to aspire toward careers in science and engineering is also important, which is why there’s a Broadcom MASTERS® International program.

Selected for academic excellence and leadership at their national science fairs, 18 extraordinary kids from 11 countries were awarded an all-expense paid trip to Pittsburgh, Pa. last week to participate as the 2012 International Broadcom MASTERS. They took part in STEM leadership and team-building activities, learned about the professional journeys of Broadcom employees and observed the science and engineering projects of 1,600 high school students at the largest international science fair competition in the world.

The 10 boys and eight girls from Canada, China (Beijing and Shanghai), India (Bangalore and Hyderabad), Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States had an incredible week. Whether they were touring the labs at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, learning about G-forces on roller coasters at Kennywood amusement park or extracting DNA from a strawberry, these Broadcom MASTERS were able to break through language barriers, solve problems as a team and form lasting friendships around their shared interests in science and engineering.

“I was blown away by the courage, inquisitiveness and intellect of these talented and energetic young students and I know that they have forged enduring friendships that will last a lifetime,” said Paula Golden, Executive Director of the Broadcom Foundation. “We are confident that the Broadcom MASTERS International program will lead to collaboration and innovation among our delegates in the future that will help address the world’s challenges in communications, health, transportation, education, energy and sustainability.”

For many of the children, Broadcom MASTERS International marked their first trip away from home. And while this could be a scary moment for them, more tears were shed when the 18 students parted company at week’s end as they realized how much they had accomplished and how many new friends they now had.

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