Janice Skiles, Empowering Student Curiosity

“Few things are more enjoyable than listening to a student present their thought process.”

In Fort Collins, Colorado, Janice Skiles, a Technical Training/Instructional Systems Design Supervisor for Broadcom Inc., carries a deep passion for education and empowering young minds.

A former Texas secondary science educator, Janice, was out of the classroom for eight years until Broadcom Foundation offered the chance to volunteer at her local science fair.

“I’m grateful to my colleague, York, who championed the event at our site,” said Janice. “The science fair experience brought back the joy of engaging with students, fostering their curiosity and witnessing the magic of new discoveries.”

Janice met several students who had projects on topics that were personally applicable to their lives, and their engagement was genuine and uplifting. She learned “lots of details from the projects that I had little or no knowledge of before and a few ‘ooh!’ moments myself,” she said.

“I love being with kids in a creative learning environment, and few things are more enjoyable for me than listening to a student present their thought processes that resulted in their project and how the outcome impacted them, whether their hypothesis was accurate or not,” Janice said.

Participating in the judging process, Janice shared ideas and input into winning decisions.

“The opportunity to sit around a table with other judges in our common category was very stimulating. All of us were from different backgrounds in the field of science and had held different jobs across our careers that led to great conversation and collaboration,” said Janice.

Thank you, Janice!

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