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Mojgan Khashayar, Principal Hardware Engineer

“We need to encourage more young people to choose STEM careers.”

With both daughters previously competing in science fairs & Coolest Projects, Mojgan Khashayar chose to support the next generation and to give back to her community.  She volunteered as a judge at the 2023 Orange County Science & Engineering Fair (OCSEF) and credits science fairs with giving both of her daughters a boost of confidence and more opportunities.

“I now want to support other kids and encourage their love for science and technology,” said Mojgan. “I loved seeing the confidence that these young scientists exhibited. They came up with good solutions to real world problems by working hard and not giving up at the first setback.”

Mojgan judged the electrical engineering category and met 7 students during the online interviews. One project studied antenna gain that was relatable to her work at Broadcom. Mojgan worked with the other judges to choose a project that was well thought out and very practical.

“Judging was a positive atmosphere that we would listen to the competitors and provide feedback to them. We also made sure to encourage them to take the next step,” said Mojgan. “The best thing was to see many young girls crossing the science barrier and coming up with fantastic projects in electrical engineering.”

Her older daughter, Sahar, was a 2014 Broadcom MASTERS finalist and Marconi/Samueli Award for Innovation Prize winner who also friendly sparred with Jimmy Fallon. Watch video here.

Mojgan’s younger daughter Parisa, won the Hardware Category at the 2018 Coolest Projects and was then asked to judge next year (becoming the youngest judge ever!) and was featured in the Raspberry Pi Foundation magazine. Read about her here.

Thank you, Mojgan!

Raspberry Pi has free resources to help anyone learn how to code and teach basic coding.  Visit the Projects site to get started.

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