Broadcom Helps Old Electronics Get a Second Act in California Schools

Broadcom’s focus on research and development means that technological innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. But “out with the old, in with the new” doesn’t have to mean the end for thousands of usable electronics.

Broadcom’s Earth Day efforts in Southern California are taking a new twist on electronic waste recycling this year. The company is partnering with Chico, Calif.,-based Computers for Classrooms, a non-profit group that collects and refurbishes electronics for students in California schools, nonprofits and low-income families.

Earth Day Recycling CPU Towers
CPU towers collected for Earth Day recycling and re-use.

Starting this year, Broadcom is donating its retired PCs and servers from its Irvine and San Jose data centers to Computers for Classrooms. In addition, there are plans to begin partnerships with more reuse organizations in other locations.

The program with Computers to Classroom is already having an impact:

  • In the second quarter alone, Broadcom donated approximately 800 servers.
  • To date, Broadcom has collected and donated more than 54,000 pounds of electronics.
  • Broadcom expects to donate about 50 additional used PCs per month.

The donated computers and servers help students learn critical computer literacy skills and provide Internet access. Some refurbished machines go to families that cannot afford the cost of a home computer.

“Getting involved with Computers for Classrooms is a fantastic way to not only dispose of outdated computers and servers in a responsible way, but to contribute toward helping students learn the computer skills they need to excel in school,” said Gary Buebel, Director of Engineering Systems in Broadcom’s Information Technology Group.

The recycling effort is just one part of Broadcom’s environmental programming, which includes water conservation, energy reduction and the recycling of non-electronic waste materials.

View photos from Broadcom’s Earth Day activities around the world:

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To celebrate Earth Day, Broadcom has expanded its annual e-waste recycling program to more than 20 global locations, with new events added throughout the U.S., the U.K., China, India, Taiwan and Israel.

In 2013, some 9,000 employees recycled old, unused and obsolete electronics, totaling 11,544 pounds of e-waste.

To learn more about Broadcom’s perspective on incorporating Green IT practices into its Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, watch the below video in which Chief Information Officer Bill Miller discusses the importance of managing Broadcom’s information technology assets in a sustainable way.

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