Broadcom Employees Celebrate Earth Day

Where else can you see hundreds of lady bugs released on a sunny Southern California afternoon? That’s exactly what employees at Broadcom’s headquarters in Irvine, Calif. experienced today as part of the company’s Earth Day celebration.

Ladybug release
A Broadcom employee in Irvine releases ladybugs on the Great Lawn. Ladybugs are a gardener’s best friend because they control unwanted pests.


Broadcom takes pride in knowing that its groundbreaking products and technologies enable people around the world to connect all aspects of life and business. The company encourages a culture that embraces respect for the environment and this dedication begins with our people.

Today, to wrap up a week’s worth of activities leading up to Earth Day, employees celebrated the environment by wearing green and participating in an e-Waste recycling program and other fun activities. Check out our Facebook Earth Day album.

e-Waste Recycling

e-waste recycling
A Broadcom employee in San Diego does his part to keep e-waste out of a landfill.

Employee e-Waste Recycling Programs were held at three of Broadcom’s California campuses: Irvine, San Diego and Santa Clara. Broadcom partnered with Goodwill for the event and has plans to bring similar events to additional locations in the future.

Did you know?

  •  About 2.6 million tons of e-waste ends up in landfills – Only 13.6% of e-waste is recycled.
  • In 2011, Broadcom employees recycled over 18,000 pounds of e-waste – That’s 9 tons of waste that was saved from landfills.
  • If the more than 100 million cell phones that are no longer used were recycled, the energy savings would be enough to power approximately 24,000 U.S. households for one year.


 Other Earth-friendly Local Activities

  • Broadcom launched a pen recycling program this week in San Diego and Irvine offices to benefit local charities.
  • On-site cafés at Broadcom’s large campuses offered special Earth Day promotions.