2023 Broadcom Coding with Commitment Winner – Emily Diep

“I like to code because it is a powerful way to build anything to solve real life problems.”

Emily Diep was recognized at the Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair with the 2023 Broadcom Coding with Commitment award while in 7th grade for her passion and work to help others learn music.

Broadcom Coding with Commitment recognizes students in grades 5-8 who combine STEM learning with coding to solve a community problem they care about that aligns with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Emily was inspired to create a “Virtual Piano Teacher” to help others who cannot afford piano lessons. “I am lucky to have a piano teacher who helped me understand and learn from my mistakes,” said Emily. “I thought about so many others who do not have this luxury and wanted to help them.”

Using coding, Emily created an affordable, accessible, and efficient alternative to learn music both audibly and visually. She became interested in coding through a book about coding games using Python. She started applying her skills to solving real life problems.

Basic Coding is a 21st Century+ skill that girls, under-resourced, and underrepresented youth need to become digitally literate and compete for highly skilled jobs in emerging industries built on technologies of the future.

“When they announced my name, I thought to myself “Is it really me?” I was so surprised because there were so many talented participants with great projects,” said Emily. “I had to check for my name on the screen twice to confirm that it was me before walking up the stage.”

Congratulations Emily!

“In the future, I hope to use coding to create innovative solutions that will make this world a better place,” said Emily.


Raspberry Pi has free resources to help anyone learn how to code and teach basic coding.  Visit the Projects site to get started.

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