2021 Broadcom MASTERS finalists
Name Hometown Project
Arjun Agarwal OR
A Machine Learning-Based Innovative Approach for Early Detection and Forecasting of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)
Sebastian Alexis CA Quantifying the Effectiveness of Lockdown Measures Using Effective Reproduction Number (Rt) of SARS-CoV2
Judy Bai MI Computational Prediction of COVID-19 Risky Genes Associated with Lung Cancer
Clara Choi CA EEG Study of Virtual Learning Demonstrates Worsened Learning Outcomes and Higher Mirror Neuron Activation
Ryka Chopra CA Does the Tail Wag the Dog, After All? Obesity Clusters & Their Influence on Predatory Location Choice of New Fast Food Chain Franchisees
Katherine Gilchrist PA Dress for Success: Which Fabric Drapes Best?
Eamon Gordon CA Assessing the Effect of Voice Onset Time on the Perception of English Consonants
Charles Gorman CA Pump & Circumstance
Sohan Govindaraju OR A Novel Mathematical Approach to Predict the Spread of a Wildfire Using the SIR based Model
Gabriela Guerra Sanchez
TX Can You Hear That? What Do You See?
Anneliese Hsiao FL The Effect of a Hot Car Interior on Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Content
Lucas Katz CA
Underwater Wireless Transmission of Data and Energy Between an Underwater Robot and a Floating Base-Station
Atreya Manaswi FL Finding the Best Novel, Safe, and Organic Treatment to Attract Small Hive Beetles and Improve Honey Bee Strength (Year 2 Study)
Vihaan Paliwal OR Don't Drive That Way, Have Another Day!
Avi Patel NJ The B2B System for the Visually Impaired
Samhita Pokkunuri NJ A Novel Graph Neural Network for De Novo Drug Discovery: A Case Study on Glioblastoma
Nipun Rajan TN Personalizing Masks for Optimal Results Using Computer Algorithms
Elizabeth Reilly TX The Role of Leech Saliva and SHISHO in the Inflammation and Healing of Diabetic Wounds
Akilan Sankaran NM On the Exploration and Analysis of Highly Divisible Numbers
Josephine Schultz TX Effect of Light Pollution on Chrysalis Stage of Painted Lady Butterfly
Ansh Sehgal NJ Bike to Bike System for Visually Impaired
Praneel Shah CA Utilizing a Bioelectrochemical System with Phototrophic Bacteria to Generate Clean Water and Electricity
Camellia Sharma VA FishPopAI: Counting Fish Population Using Artificial Intelligence
Prisha Shroff AZ AI-based Wildfire Prevention System
Joseph Simak MD Evaluation of Acute Toxicity of Common Motor Vehicle Water Pollutants in Artemia salina Nauplii Model
Raunak Singh NJ Apollo: A Beacon of Light
Maya Tang OH How Do Mask Types and Instrument Covers Affect Aerosol Spread and Sound Level During Music Performance?
Lucy Teng KY The Effects of SARS-CoV2 Non-structural Proteins on Cytokine Induction
Hailey Van CA Multi-stressor Analysis of Carbon Dioxide on Oceanic Ecosystems: Using Climate Change Modeling to Study Hypoxia and Acidification
Angela Zhan UT Biological Transformer: Constructing Novel Microbial Cell Factories to Convert Plastic Wastes to Environmentally Friendly Bioplastic