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Broadcom Foundation and Society for Science & the Public present the 30 middle school finalists in the 2012 Broadcom MASTERS competition.These young all-stars won an all-expense paid, week-long trip to Washington, D.C,. culminating with the awards ceremony on October 2, 2012.

Broadcom MASTERS 2012 Finalist Book

First Name Last Name City State Project
Jessika Baral Fremont CA A Novel Way to Strengthen Eye Muscles and Enhance Peripheral Vision
Samuel Coulson Weston MO A Futuristic Study of the Effects of Microgravity on the Biomass and Variation of Stems from Perpendicular of Raphanus sativus
Lisa Criscione Seven Hills OH Rusty Concrete: Will Too Much Water Corrode Concrete Faster?
Shashank Dholakia Santa Clara CA The Sky is no Limit- a Photometric Comparison of the Variable Stars Beta Lyra and Delta Cephei
Shishir Dholakia Santa Clara CA The Sky is No Limit- a Photmetric Comparison of the Variable Stars Beta
Cassie Drury Louisville KY Exploring Cell Signaling in Wound Healing
Katherine Fennell New York NY Could A Small Aquatic Plant Have Reversed Global Warming 49 Million Years ago?
Elan Filler Rancho Palos Verdes CA What is the Environmental Source of Cryptococcus Gattii?
Paige Gentry San Angelo TX Reducing Rabies Responsibly
Raymond Gilmartin South Pasadena CA Spare the Environment, Spoiler the Car: The Effect of Rear Spoilers on Drag and Lift
Maria Grimmett Jupiter FL H2Oh No! Pharmaceuticals are in my Groundwater. Sulfamethazine Adsorption/Desorption Isotherms and Kinetics Using Purolite Resin MN250
Olivia Henderson Loveland OH The Tsunami Safety System: Deploying the Barrier
Sean Hnath Reading PA Ride the Wave to Power: Building and Testing an Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Generator
Varun Iyer Springfield IL Energy: the Sound Way: The Effects of Various Configurations of Heat Stack on the Energy Output of a Thermoacoustic Piezoelectric Generator
Anirudh Jain Portland OR Use of Diatoms as Biological Indicators for Silver Nanoparticle Pollution
Carolyn Jons Eden Prairie MN The Effect of Oxygen Removal Treatments on the Mold Growth of Blueberries
Chase Lewis Chapel Hill NC Nitrocellulose: Speedy as a Flash
David Li Commack NY The Impact of a Parabolic Reflector on Wi-Fi Reception at Different Angles: A Compromise between Signal Strength and Angle
Shixuan Li Lynn Haven FL No Mo Squitoes: Repellent Formulation Development with Natural Ingredients Using Design of Experiments on Aedes aegypti Via the K & D in vitro Method
Anna Lou Anaheim CA Can 'Artificial' Intelligence Be More Intelligent Than Human Doctors and Professors in Playing Blokus?
Daniel Lu Carlisle MA Psychoacoustics: The Perception of Volume
Ceili Masterson Palm Bay FL The Effects of Reduced pH Levels on the Growth and Survival of the Calcareous Shelled Bivavle
Ethan Messier Assonet MA Wave To The Future:The Utilization of Marine Waves Using Wave Buoys to Generate Electricit
William Monts Bluffton SC Sail Away
Nicole Odzer North Miami Beach FL Can Reef-Building Corals Adapt to the Stress of Global Warming? The Effect of Global Warming and PAR on Coral Bleaching in Montastrea cavernosa
Maura Oei Hebron CT Development of a Prototype Pendulum Wave Energy Conversion Device
Maya Patel The Woodlands TX Gauging Inferno Sprawl
Mabel Wheeler Orem UT Sunburnt Polymers
John Wilkins San Antonio TX The Effects of Changing the Moon's Eccentricity on High Tide Height in Boston
Camille Yoke Midlothian VA The Effect of Boat Hull Shape, Height of Center of Gravity and Degree of Incline on Amount of Restoring Torque Produced