Science Award

Samantha Rowland of Tipp City, Ohio, wins a Celestron Telescope and an iPad2 for her project on the impact of light type on pine needles.

Technology Award

Robert Heckman of Kailua, Hawaii, wins a STEM summer camp experience and an iPad2 for his project on coral tumors, parrotfish predation and bacteria.

Engineering Award

Katherine Landoni of Sequim, Wash., wins a VIZIO Home Theatre System and an iPad2 for her project on genetic variation and salinity in New Zealand mud snails.

Mathematics Award

Crystal Poole of San Diego, Calif. wins a STEM summer camp experience and an iPad2 for her project on buttercream frosting.

Rising Stars Award

Carolyn Jons of Eden Prairie, Minn., and Chad Campbell of Hampstead, N.C., win a trip to the May 2012 Intel ISEF high school competition in Pittsburgh as official observers of the Broadcom MASTERS in recognition of their projects on soap bubbles, and the presence of antibiotics in meat, respectively.


The 30 finalists in the 2011 Broadcom MASTERS were announced on August 29, 2011. They were awarded all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C., to compete for more than $40,000 in cash prizes on October 2, 2011.

Broadcom MASTERS 2011 Finalist Book

First Name Last Name City State Project
Roshini Asirvatham Rochester MN Cross my Heart and Hope to Get Smarter: Cognitive Benefits of a Yogic Exercise
Namrata Balasingam San Jose CA The Physics of the Party Balloon: On Laplace's Law, Nonlinear Elasticity, and Their Uses in Physiology and Medicine
Justin Barber Raleigh NC Don't Blow Your Top!
Braeden * Benedict Rancho Palos Verdes CA It's a Liquid. It's a Solid. It's Super Fluid!: Effect of Material Composition on the Shear Strength Yield Point of Magnetorheological Fluids
Meagan Bethel Tucson AZ Caught on Camera: A Longitudinal Study and Regional Comparison of the Wild Cat Population of Southern Arizona and Northern Mexico
Andrew Blonsky Chapel Hill NC Algae the Carbon Sponge: Optimum Temperature for Chlorella Photosynthesis
Chad Campbell Hampstead NC THE Debate on Your Plate! Are there Antibiotics Present in the Meat We Purchase from Local Grocery Stores?
Ria Chhabra Plano TX Organic Food: Buy or Bypass: The Effect of Organic vs. Inorganic Foods on the Health and Growth Parameters of Drosophila melanogaster
Kyle Davis Sunbury OH Song Sparrows: As Temperature Decreases Body Size Increases, Always?
Valerie Ding Portland OR FP-LMTO PLW Calculations of Electronic Band Structure for LED Materials: GaP, ZnSe, and BN
Alicia D'Souza Plano TX The Big Kill: Impact of Oil and Dispersant on Algae Population
Daniel Feeny Woodside CA Are Waves the Dominant Force Driving Diversity in the Intertidal Zone?
Maria Grimmett Jupiter FL H2Oh No: Pharmaceuticals Are in my Groundwater! Removing Sulfamethazine with Hypercrosslinked Adsorbents
Lauren Hall Corpus Christi TX Revealing the Past, Year Two
Nathan Han Boston MA A Study of Somatic Sensory Receptive Fields in Human Skin
Robert Heckman Kailua HI Corals Tumors, Parrotfish Predation and Bacteria
Benjamin Hylak West Grove PA Practical Application of a Telepresence Robot
Anirudh Jain Portland OR Creating an inexpensive, Reusable and Portable Water Filtration Device using Silver Nanoparticles
Carolyn Jons Eden Prairie MN The Effect of Soap Bubble Size on the Insulative Ability of Foams
Jordan Kamimura Hilo HI Added Value...or Added Cost?: Is High Protein Dry Dog Food a More Cost-effective Food Source than Commercial Grade Fish Food for Tilapia?
Coleman Kendrick Los Alamos NM Computer Simulation of Dark Matter Effects on Galaxy Rotation
Katherine Landoni Sequim WA The Relation of Genetic Variation to Salinity Tolerance in New Zealand Mudsnails
I-Chun Lin Plano TX A Study of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Efficiency and Lifespan
Jennifer Markley Westerville OH All Cracked Up: Does the Food a Chicken Eats Affect the Protein in the Eggs Produced?
Adriana Monzon Guaynabo PR An Analysis of Rainfall in Plankton Productivity in an Estuary
Nikhil Patel Geneva FL DEFROST: Designing an Environmentally Friendly Recycler of the Sun's Thermal Energy
Crystal Poole San Diego CA The Melting Point: A Study of Ingredients in Buttercream Icing
Samantha Rowland Tipp City OH The Effect of Light Type and Spectrum on Pine Needle Abscission
Emily Sarkisian Mansfield MA The Relationship Between Space Weather and GPS Accuracy
Mahita Tovinkere Portland OR Earthquake Magnitudes Varying as a Function of Distance from the Epicenter - Simulation using Sound Waves
William White Hilton Head SC Does Planting with Salicornia Increase Survival of Crop Plants under Salty Conditions?