Masters International

BROADCOM Masters International

Broadcom MASTERS® International provides a rare opportunity for early collaboration between middle school scientists and engineers from around the world. The Broadcom MASTERS International brings together winners from over 20 countries who share a passion for STEM subjects and inspires them to stay with math and science throughout high school and beyond.

Society-affiliated national fairs in countries around the globe award a middle school student, who demonstrates acumen in STEM subjects and shows promise as a future leader, the unique opportunity to participate as a Broadcom MASTERS delegate. The delegate is designated an official observer at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), the largest high school science fair competition in the world.

Watch highlights from the 2020 virtual program on YouTube here.

Meet the Delegates
First Name Last Name Country What is the title of your science or engineering project?
Monique Ackermann Brazil Electrical circuits connecting scientific knowledge in pandemic.
Verónica Adams-Suárez United States Recycling ocean debris PET bottles as partial replacement of fine aggregates on concrete
Loulwa Al Marzooqi Saudi Arabia Identification of Novel Activity of 2R-3R-ODicaffeoyltartaric Acid on SARS-COV-2 AND ACE2 Receptor : Insilico Approach
Sophia Baker United States The Effect of Recipes Main Ingredient on Durability and Biodegradability
Camryn Bronson United States Criminal Cleaning
Hilary Chee Singapore Construction of a PM 2.5 Air Filter Prototype from Plant Materials
HANUN DZATIRRAJWA Indonesia Covid-19 pandemic and the Blamed Figure : Conversation Analysis in Twitter with Hashtag #covid19semarang
Eoghan Farren Ireland "Beef or Leaf"
Danielle Gibson Australia Advance Australian Fare
CHIA-TSE HUNG Taiwan (R.O.C.) The Application of A Wind-Powered Cable Car for Transportation
Ashley Katandawa Zimbabwe Hammermill
Lucas Katz United States A Spherical Omnidirectional Motor for Electric Vehicles
Siting Liang HONG KONG SAR The Helper of filter and water quality monitoring
Mauricio Licea Mexico Evolution of air pollution in Mexico before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
Niamh Loughran Northern Ireland Cosy Compactor
Zhiqian Miao China Intelligent pet cage
Snigtha Mohanraj USA Effectiveness of the Organic Polymers for Removing Microplastic in an Aqueous Solution
Helena Nimshausová Czech Republic Human and salt
Rowan Parkinson Canada MUSEic To My Ears
Joaquín Paulo Uruguay Un nuevo estilo de hacer papel reciclado
eunchae song Korea Arduino Hand Washing Timer
Benjamin Stow South Africa FUTURE FUEL
Ahmed Tarek Alframawy Egypt Compact city 2030
First Name Last Name Country What is the title of your science or engineering project?
Ahmed Abdennadher Tunisia The sea cleaner
Dana Alharthi Saudi Arabia An Arabic Media Control To Detect Cyberbullying Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Mary Ballantine United States Automotive Exhaust: Creating a Selective Environment for Bacteria
Orna Collins Ireland A Plastic for Our Planet – toward a sustainable biodegradable plastic
do hyeon gim South Korea safe suit to protect pedestrians
Islay Graham Canada Rake Wrack Risk- Do Piping Plovers Prefer A Clean Beach?
Rionach Hackett Northern Ireland The Eco-Powered Dollshouse
Rotem Hasson Israel
Kai-Hsuan Hsu Taiwan Exploring the Rotation of Points on a Composite Polygon
TszTing Lo Hong Kong U Shape Smelly
Ruvarashe Moyo Zimbabwe Anaerobic bacteria electricity
Akira Naumovski Australia D.I.Y Facial Recognition System
Nathan Nguyen United States How Can Slime Be Less Sticky
Júlio César Nogueira Ferreira Brazil The replacement of polystyrene by buriti fiber (mauritia flexuosa) in life jackets
Joshua Ordoñez Mexico Mexican Animatronic
Amos Paulete Uruguay Ciano-bot
Kushaal Kumar Pothula India Wireless electricity using e-waste
Kyle Tianshi United States A Microscopic Particle Detector Using Laser Microscopy and Image Processing
Jan Trapero Gallart Spain Simon
Tamzhin Valentine South Africa Vitiligo – Awareness
Vincent Vu United States How Can Slime Be Less Sticky
Xiaojin Wang China Intelligent compound driving lane system operated with video recognition function
Puteri Intan Sofiyah Yusri Malaysia STEPERGY: Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting
First Name Last Name Country What is the title of your science or engineering project?
Aaron Acosta Rivera México Bat glasses
Leena Almusaed Saudi Arabia Novel self-cleaning graphene polyamide tungesten oxide membranes for enhanced effiency of revese osmosis
Lama Alsafasfeh Jordan Communication of deaf and dump person with people
Sriram Bhimaraju USA Low-Cost Archery Assistant with an Interface for the Visually Impaired
Liam Black Northern Ireland Quad for quads
Shiu Sing Chan Hong Kong SAR Soil Miracle
Dean Chapman Australia To grow, or not to grow, that is the question…
MacKenzie Dykeman Canada Safer Chick-Ments: An Innovative Solution to Reducing Stress in Chick Shipments
Fernandes Barbosa
Brazil Aquatic plants in water treatment
Victoria Gaona Uruguay What is happening? Approach to theprevention of the consumption of psychoactive substances in adolescence.
Freddie Howells UK Facial Recognition Door Entry System
Mikyla Johnson United Sates Med-Sage
Éabha Kenny Ireland The Investigation of how Microwave Radiation effecct Living Organisms
Safina Amelia Khansa Indonesia
Sengon Leaves (Paraserianthes falcataria) and Chili Leaves (Capsicum frustences L.) As The Subtitution Of Commercial Calcium Carbide In The Ripening Of Banana (Musa paradisiaca) Cavendish Varieties
Thora Mathilde Kjærsgaard Denmark Warhermill for sailboats
Madhura Kumar India A holistic approach to measuring noise pollution – differential impacts of transient and white noises using pattern recognition
Kristyna Landsingerova Czech Republic Danger of Internet Network and Social Media
Sang Yun Lee Korea Gun GameAI
Jiaqi Niu CHINA Acoustic Field Detection System for Tooth Brushing evaluation
Kate Quinn
United States of America
Exploring Atrazine as a Possible Cause of Parkinson’s Disease
Gabriel Ruiz US Development of a Personal Air Filtration System for Cases of High Levels of Pollution or Fire
Yu-Tang Shen Taiwan R.O.C Recyclable, replaceable manganese dioxide microcapsule test strips in dry batteries
Jessica Shoham Israel Blue and green
Jaycelyn Tallsalt USA Wood + Coal = CO2 Concern
Damian Van Der Merwe South Africa Schoolio
Locution Wonder Zimbabwe Solar Powered Grinding Mill
First Name Last Name Country Project Age
Ana Teresa Arroyo Flores México In which the climate influences with the emissions of the human being 12
Anjolaoluwa Awe UK The Science of Linguistics 14
Razi Azulai Israel Sound Box 10
Pei-Yun Chang Chinese Taipei A study of Prosopocoilus motschulskii larvae’s environmental adaptivity, feeding behaviors and the influence factors of growth. 14
Sophia Cottrill Canada Evolution or Extinction? Time Will Tell for the King of the Arctic 14
Clara Deehan Northern Ireland Mobile Phone Tidy 15
Braedan Doherty USA Crazy Crystal Creations 11
Elogili Egypt Automatic-lighting control circuit 13
James Fagan United States A Wind Tunnel To Test Best Aerodynamic Characteristics For Flight On Mars 10
Ujwal G Aradhya India Purification of Taq DNA polymerase enzyme with in 3 hours 14
Jun Young Kim South Korea Learning Omok 13
Eugene Lek Singapore An “invisible cloak” prototype for evasion of passive infrared radiation and ultrasonic sensors 13
Sara López Giménez Spain The title of my project is ‘’The stress and the anxiety at the time of do an exam’’. In reality our project is not a science or engineering project it is more psychology or social, but psychology and social science are also a science so. 14
Eliza Martin Australia The effect of slack fill in chip packets. 15
Ashini Modi USA Dark Matter: The Hidden Universe 13
Lehloogonolo Victoria Msuma South Africa The Impact of Rodents on Marula seedlings 13
Vishwas Reddy S India Purification of Taq DNA polymerase enzyme with in 3 hours 14
Micaela Roth USA The Physics of a Marble Run 12
Maria Isabella Schneider Brazil Make your own doll 15
BOHONG SU CHINA Rescue water rocket reaearch 14
Rinka Takeda Japan Side real image 13
Giancarlo Villaverde Puerto Rico The relationship between Sand Characteristics and Leatherback Turtle Nestings 13
Liu zhuocheng China Collection, Cultivation and Observation of Insectivorous Plants 14
Yoav Zohar Israel SOUND BOX LUNCH BOX 13
First Name Last Name Country Project Age
Evelyn Bodoni United States of America Whatever it Takes 14
Hsi-Min Chan Singapore A Biocompatible, Non-Fouling Zwitter-ionic Hydrogel for Biomedical Applications 14
Cheng-Yu Chung Taiwan Layer by Layer 12
Guilherme Flach Brazil Cassava: A Natural Food, Without Gluten 13
Anika Gupta Canada Effects of Pesticides and Neuroprotective Agents on Dopaminergic Neurons 14
Charlie Hall United Kingdom Smart Chair 14
Jong Hyeon Jun South Korea Hit the Number 12
Masahito Kataoka Japan The Anti-mold Ability of Armadillidium vulgare and Porcellio scaber 12
LaBelle LaFrance United States of America Memory Lane 13
Wai Hoi Lau China Going for Biofuel, Peeling Away at Sustainability 14
Luisa Fernanda Marquez Catzalco Mexico Rubens’ Tube 13
Jayla McIntosh United States of America Power of the PowerPoint 14
Lerato Faith Metsing South Africa Remember to Take Your Medicine 14
Alan Panayotov Ireland Apple Publishing Challenges for a Young Game Developer 13
Hong Hai Pham Vietnam Study of Waste Water Treatment in Food Related Traditional Village in Hai Phong City by Effective Microorganism Technology 14
Jorge Ruiz United States 13
Tomer Segev Israel The “Owlbat” -The Robot That Keeps Bats Away 12
Siya Singhani India General Expansion where the Exponent is Raised to the nth Order 11
Anish Singhani United States Easy to Use Wireless Solution for Disable People to Control Wheelchair and Virtual Keyboard using Brainwaves 13
Nakshatra Srikanth Iyer India Measuring Differences in Perception of Optical Illusions Based on Gender, Age, Occupation or Education 13
Lin Xin Tan Malaysia Natural Mosquito Larvicide 13
Yuhan Xiao China The Euphrates Poplar Sap 14
Lily Yang Australia The Effects of Taste on Memory 14
Rao Yike China Intelligent Remote-controlled and Solar-powered 14
Ilan Yusupov Israel The “Owlbat”-The Robot that Keeps Bats Away 12
First Name Last Name City Country Project
Raghav Ganesh San Jose USA A Low Cost, Adoptable, User Tested Add-on Device for the White Cane Facilitating Safer Mobility of the Visually Impaired
Yutong Wang Beijing China Effect of gelatin hydrolyzate on the gel strength of gelatin and its application
Mana Masui Suginami-ku Japan Plasmodium of Myxomycetes (slime molds) has the ability to recognize “self” and “non-self”.
Shivarama Bolunjadka Puttur India A Novel Eco-friendly Medicine For Dog Dermatitis From Mangifera indica Bark
Daniel Steyn Bloemfontein South Africa Searching for Mathematical patterns in Music
Kristyna Bednarova Ostrov Czech Republic School to play
Ilay Pecker Rishon lezion Israel Spirulina algae – the food of the future?
Isabella O’Brien Dundas Canada Trouble in Paradise: Can shell recycling help buffer ocean acidification?
Harsh Kumar Bangalore 560098 Karnataka State India A simple prototype device to convert wind energy for charging mobile phones
Henry Kuo Hsinchu City Taiwan Advantages of Collective Behavior – Experimental Study and Computer Simulations on Leadership and Group Decision of Mosquito Fish
Tianle Yang Zhengzhou China Mathematical analysis in the process of Thermal insulation temperature rise model
Tiara Easley Monroeville USA The Science of Addition in Snack Food
Annie Ostojic Munster USA “Wave” Goodbye to Energy Loss
Saad Nasser Bangalore India Reusable Launch Vehicle
Julian Ceballos Leyva Los Mochis Mexico Separated colors
Deun Sol Lee Seoul South Korea Easy Program Maker
Phoebe Chew Tingyu Singapore City Singapore Red Cabbage Juice as pH Indicator
Jack Pollock Farnborough England Calthorpe Park School STEM Club Space Balloon Launch 2014
Cannan Wong Macau China Smart Reminder
Rafael Brustolin Bom Principio Brazil Creating Educational Games
Ori Shaham Modiin Israel Drop the Drops
Sarah Leatherbarrow Sydney Australia The Burning Truth
Kianah Blakely-White Monroeville USA Insert that increases slope and pressure of runner’s foot
Adam Barry Co. Dublin Ireland Web Based Interactive Dashboard/Display Builder
First Name Last Name City Country Project
Macinley Buston Mangerton, New South Wales Australia Slow Your Row Snail
Jessica Broder Okanagan Falls, British Columbia Canada The Nose Knows
Hanjie (Jane) Li Tianjin China Utilizing Composite Graphite Film to Improve the Thermal Conductivity and Heat Dissipation Efficiency
Jiuze (George) Liu Xiong Bejing China Stair Railing Cleaning Robot
Shuxuan (Tracy) Xiong Urumqi, Xingjiang China Dust-Proof Box Suitable for a Variety of Electric Drill
Xinjian (Tom) Zhang Kunming, Yunnan China A Solution to Parking Problem in Kunming
Miro Brunou Savonlinna Finland Flight Properties of Paper Gliders
Ram Mannath Bangalore, Karnataka India Quest for a Biodegradable Alternative to Plastic / Wax Coating for Paper Cups
Aishwarya Vinod Nabiar Bangalore, Karnataka India Quest for a Biodegradable Alternative to Plastic / Wax Coating for Paper Cups
Saad Nasser Bangalore, Karnataka India Exploring Fast, Lean and Efficient Ways to Interconnect Many Processors
Shai Grizek Beer Sheva Israel Effective Sun Utilization with an Active Solar Cell
Omri Mishaly Beer Sheva Israel Effective Sun Utilization with an Active Solar Cell
Kazuto (Icchi) Ichikawa Tsukuba, Ibaraki Japan Relationship with Dormancy of Fertilized Eggs and Silkworm Food
Jorge Sandoval Los Mochis, Sinaloa Mexico Cromatography
Cher Ying Foo Singapore Singapore Biomimetic Membrane on Water Purification
Junmo (Andrew) Lee Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do South Korea A Travel to Polygon Kingdom
Vivian Chen Taichung Taiwan The Healthy Taiwanese Meatball: Kung Wan
Yun-Hsuan (Abby) Lee Taichung Taiwan The Healthy Taiwanese Meatball: Kung Wan
Fenella Atkinson Guildford, Surrey UK Human Calorimeter
Ernesto Bejarano Santa Ana, California USA Magnetic Marble Rollercoaster
Krystal Horton Menifee, California USA Agrilus Coxalis: The Goldspotted Oak Borer
Adolfo Ibarra Santa Ana, California USA Magnetic Marble Rollercoasters
Sean Weber Sequim, Washington USA Strength of Mussel Byssal Threads vs. Wave Action
First Name Last Name City Country Project
Meghana Divana Puttur, Karnataka India Evaluation of Buchanania Lanzan Spreng Leaf Mucilage as Herbal Hair Conditioner
Cassie Drury Louisville, Kentucky USA Exploring Cell Signaling in Wound Healing
Riri Endo Niigata City, Niigata Japan The Study of the Ray of Light Which are Able to be Seen from Miniature Bulbs
Deepika Guram Bangalore, Karnataka India Study of Dermatoglyphic Patterns in Children with Learning Disability
Saheefa Ishaq Leicestershire, England UK Keen to Kleen
Zhu Jie Lijiang City, Yunnan China Resolve the Rootstock of the Lijiang Snow Peach: Study on the Problem of Direct Seeding of Wild Peach in Spring
Michelle Lim Singapore Singapore Anti-Proliferate and Pro-apaptotic Properties of a-Mangostin in Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Jacob Newkirk Whitehorse, Yukon Canada Mythbusting Mouth Guards
Lakyung Park Seoul South Korea Restart Manager
Dhanushree Reddy Bangalore, Karnataka India Study of Dermatoglyphic Patterns in Children with Learning Disability
Jorge Rodriguez Los Mochis, Sinaloa México Didactic Tool to Understand the Optical Effect of Reflection and Refraction
Anna Stewart-Yates Cheltenham, New South Wales Australia Should we Throw the Pen Out with the Bathwater? A Study in Transcription Methods and Recall Levels in Year 8 Students
Elinoy Swisa Ramla, Central Israel Cattle Egrets on the Pine Tree
Mabel Wheeler Orem, Utah USA Sunburnt Polymers
Yan Xiaohan Beijing China Analysis on the Variants of CPI Weights and the Prediction of its Successive Trends
Yao-teng You Taoyuan City Taiwan Solutions for the Puzzle of Tilling Rectangles with L-trominoes
Daniela Yusupov Ramla, Central Israel Cattle Egrets on the Pine Tree
Sara Zaidi London, England UK Combating Cancer: the Power of Healing through Natural Remedies
Name City Country Project
Neel Sharma Kingston Canada SOS (Stop Oil Spills): Results of an LC50 Study on Artemia Salina
Zhi Yuan Zhang Shanghai China Empty Parking Spaces Display Device
Boya Zhang Beijing China Study on Cultivation and Vaccination Environment of Green-haired Terrapin
Gianamar Giovannetti-Singh Cambridge, England United Kingdom Study and Analysis of the Orbital and Physical Properties of 2010 TK7
John Neill Downpatrick UK Keycall – Development of a Low Cost Electronic Device, that Uses GSM Technology, to Help Find Lost or Misplaced Keys
Bhargavi Lokeshwark Kuppam India A Study For Growing Oxygen On Highways
Jyothsana Tirupathi Kuppam India A Study For Growing Oxygen On Highways
Megha Balachandra Bangalore India Yeast Metabolism Under Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditions: Domestic as Well as Commercial Implications
Shadi Ansari Jerusalem Israel Effects of Caffeine
Bashar Jebara Jerusalem Israel Effects of Caffeine
Sari Khalaf Jerusalem Israel Effects of Caffeine
Atsushi Murata Tsukuba Japan Is Multicoloured Ladybird an Evil Bug? Insight from the Intraguild Predation and its Avoiding Mechanism
Soyoon Jeong Seoul South Korea With the Melody of Gayaguem
Judith Ow Singapore Singapore Establishment of a Proof-of-Concept High Content Screen for Small Molecules Inhibiting Glioma Growth
Kuei-Ting Chang Taipei Taiwan Characterization of Curcumin and its Application in Daily Life and Laboratory
Adrian Contreras Gonzalez Culiacan Mexico Natural Fungicides
Carolyn Jons Eden Pairie, Minnesota USA The Effect of Soap Bubble Size on the Insulative Ability of Foams
Chad Campbell Hampstead, North Carolina USA The Debate on Your Plate! Are There Antibiotics Present in the Meat We Purchase from Local Grocery Stores?