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Broadcom Foundation and Society for Science & the Public present the 30 middle school finalists who competed in the seventh annual Broadcom MASTERS® competition. The 15 girls and 15 boys were selected by a panel of distinguished scientists and engineers from 2,499 applicants from 37 states, Puerto Rico and the Department of Defense overseas. The finalists won an all-expense paid trip to Washington DC and competed for cash and experiential prizes.

Winners were announced in October 2017.

First Name Last Name City State Project
Scott Tobin Port Orange FL By Using A Solar Powered Tesla Coil Can Water Be Made Potable Through Ozonification
Cameron Sharma Glen Allen VA A Novel Phylogeny and Antigenicity Based Tool for Designing the Seasonal Flu Vaccine
Helen Lyons NY NY Using Flotation Systems to Harness Wave Power Using Electromagnetism
Kathryn Kummel Colorado Springs CO Gone With the Wind: An Investigation of the Horseshoe Vortex Behind Tree Islands on Pikes Peak and What it Means for Tree Growth
Robert Kent Chagrin Falls OH Are Microplastic Contaminants More Abundant in Farm Raised or Wild Clams?
Honora Navid Pittsburgh PA Polling Pollinators: Do Pollinators Prefer Native Plants, Cultivars, or Nativars? A Two-Year Study
Jessie Gan San Diego CA Natural Antioxidant and Nano-Antioxidant Effects Against Oxidative Stress
Carolyn Almonte Burlington NJ The Effect of UV Radiation on the Metamorphic Process of Zophobas Morio Larvae and the Ability of Bixin to Protect Against Observed UV Induced Damage
Faris Wald Santa Fe NM The Correlation between Solar Coronal Hole Occurrences and the Formation of Tropical and Extra-Tropical Cyclones
Meghna Behari Sewickley PA Aquabot: An Integrated Modular Platform for Testing and Monitoring Surface Water Quality
Annika Viswesh Palo Alto CA Oculus Patch Assistant: A novel method to simplify and improve the effectiveness of Amblyopia treatment by using a smart sensor, a smartphone application, and predictive machine learning algorithms
Aryansh Shrivastava Fremont CA A Microcontroller Based, Programmable, Elderly Healthcare Activity Monitoring System with Intelligent Data Analytics for Early Emergency Detection and Alerts
Arjun Moorthy Scottsdale AZ Can Technology Be Used To Modify Behavior and Reduce Rates of Melanoma
Rachel Pizzolato Metairie LA Generating Electricity By Harnessing Air That Flows Around A Skyscraper Using Bernoulli's Principle And The Venturi Effect With Special Emphasis On Biomimicry
Austin Crouchley Garden City NY Archimedes Inspired Hydro-Powered Solar PV Azimuth Tracking Mechanism: A Solution to the Energy and Water Crisis
Regan Williams Wilmington NC Marsh attacks: Context-dependent effects of intraspecific trait variation in a marsh ecosystem predator-prey interaction
Andrew Chiang Saratoga CA Manipulation of Ultrasonic Force Field
Noah Cain Apple Valley CA Kids Still at Risk: Particulate Matter and Flammable Gas Exposed
Sara Kaufman Cooper City FL The Effects of Wind Mitigation Devices on Gabled Roofs
Zoe Gotthold Richland WA A Novel Method for the Efficient Determination of Long-Term Emulsion Stability
Stephen Litt Marietta GA Phase 2: Does Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate Inhibit Tumorigenesis In Planaria (Dugesia Tigrina)? A Novel Approach Toward A Cure For Cancer
Pujita Tangirala Los Gatos CA A Green, Low-Cost Adsorbent for the Removal of Dye from Aqueous Solutions
Spencer Green Huntington Beach CA The Sonification of Accelerometers for the Training of Elite Gymnasts
Emily Shi San Diego CA Microscopic Study Of Torrey Pine Needles For Moisture Condensation
Julian Bain Missoula MT Focus Pocus - Using Auto-Focusing Water-Based Lenses at Different Distances
Leia Gluckman Beverly Hills CA A Clean Conscience: Formulating an All-Purpose Hair, Dental and Body Cleansing Powder for the Homeless Population
Herin Kang Los Gatos CA Energy Efficient Oxygen Generator Using Micro Algae As An Alternative To Window Ventilation
Mithra Karamchedu Portland OR Remote Sensing the Ablation or Accumulation of a Glacier By Using Fractal Analysis on Glacier Images
Anthony Hill Holladay UT No Pressure: The Effects of Martian-Like Atmospheric Pressure on Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions in Plants
Sanjay Seshan Pittsburgh PA Keeping Our Heads Above Water: Early Detection of Stress in Buried Water Pipes