BROADCOM Coding with Commitment

In 2021, Broadcom Foundation established a new program for select competitions and showcase events called Broadcom Coding with Commitment.  An important trend in science fairs and coding spaces is that young people are seeking to solve problems that impact them personally or their communities such as health, sanitation, energy, climate change and other challenges set out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  

Young people increasingly connect their science knowledge with technology to research and design solutions for these challenges.

In addition to encouraging young people to think globally when they act locally, Broadcom Coding with Commitment illuminates how coding is both a language, skillset, and an invaluable tool for college and careers.

The Broadcom Coding with Commitment is only available to 6th, 7th or 8th graders participating in a Broadcom Foundation-supported competition or showcase where they combine STEM Knowledge with Computation/Coding in the project’s research, design, or development in a project that expresses Passion for helping or improving one’s community.

Goals of Broadcom Coding with Commitment
  • Educate how STEM knowledge and innovation helps protect, preserve, save, improve, or promote quality of life or nature
  • Advocate coding as both a language and design tool that all young people can use to advance their educational opportunities, careers and life choices
  • Inspire young people to “think globally and act locally”
  • Public recognition at Broadcom Foundation sponsored competitions and showcases with the receipt of a formal certificate from the Broadcom Foundation
  • $250 Dollar Gift Certificate
  • Raspberry Pi Foundation Official RP 400 Personal Computer Kit

“Our overreaching goal is for students in Arizona to see STEM everywhere.

The new Broadcom Coding with Commitment recognition rewards young people for being creators at a basic level and will honor students passion to solve problems in their communities.  That thinking is really beautiful.”

 — Liz Bowman, CEO, Southern Arizona Science & Engineering Fair (SARSEF).