Backing Middle School Inventors: The Broadcom MASTERS National STEM Competition Now Features a $10,000 Lemelson Foundation Award for Invention

The Lemelson Foundation has pledged a $10,000 award for the Broadcom MASTERS the finalist who creates promising solutions to real-world problems. The Lemelson Award for Invention will be one of the top prizes presented in Washington DC at the Broadcom MASTERS, the nation’s premier middle school STEM competition.

The Lemelson Foundation uses the power of invention to improve lives, by inspiring and enabling the next generation of inventors and invention-based enterprises to promote economic growth in the US and social and economic progress for the poor.

Helen Lyons won the 2017 Lemelson Award for Invention. Through her project, Helen investigated a renewable energy technology, specifically generating electricity using Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction.

“The Lemelson Award for Invention will inspire young people everywhere to tackle the world’s greatest challenges, from climate change and safe water to smarter cities and space exploration,” said Paula Golden, president of Broadcom Foundation.  “We are pleased that the […]

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Happy 2019! What’s New in STEM Education? Read Paula Golden’s Byline in The Hill

We have reached a critical juncture for STEM education as set forth in the report by the National Science & Technology Council.  The report offers several interesting road maps, but without national funding to back them up, Paula Golden makes the case that we cannot turn the tide in educating a STEM-literate society.

The article focuses on the opportunity to change the course in STEM education as a result of the dramatic increase of scientists and women in the next Congress.  Please read and share far and wide as we think ahead to important STEM initiatives in the new year.


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PC Magazine Article on STEM Education

Please read a Q&A on PC Magazine with Paula Golden and Henry Samueli from the Broadcom Foundation.

Why This Broadband Pioneer Wants Engineers to Run the World

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The Marconi Society: The Pink Wave in STEM – Starting in Middle School

The Pink Wave in STEM – Starting in Middle School

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Watch & Smile: The Washington Post Interviews Broadcom MASTERS Finalists 2018

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We Salute — Girl Scouts of Orange County

Opening the Door for Future Leaders in STEM!

From computer forensics labs and medical simulations to the great outdoors, Girl Scouts of Orange County is delivering mind-blowing STEM experiences to young women who may not have realized that science, technology, engineering and math impact almost everything they do in their daily lives. Through the My STEM Life Badge, one of the first STEM badges in the nation, Girl Scouts of Orange County is opening the door to a multitude of exciting careers.

Saachi, a 9th grader from Girl Scout Senior Troop 990 in Irvine, completed her My STEM Life badge in July, which included a visit to the Kaiser Simulation Lab where female doctors demonstrated emergency room scenarios.  She discovered how every element of STEM is involved in the daily activity of saving lives.

“Originally, I thought only science and technology were necessary for doctors to save a patient’s life, […]

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Asia Pacific Workshop Tackles How to Power a 21st Century Society

International Graduate Students Collaborate on the Future of Smart Manufacturing

In the spring of 2018, Broadcom Foundation continued its renowned University Student Research Workshops to delve deep into smart manufacturing in the era of Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  As machines become increasingly automated, energy use is on the rise, requiring critical thinking and collaboration about sustaining the global economy, the environment and quality of life.

The 2018 Asia Pacific Student University Workshop is an international, interdisciplinary convening of graduate students from the University of California, Irvine, CA, the National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, and the University of Hong Kong, China. The Workshop included 22 student participants of diverse academic backgrounds and skills and guest speakers and judges from industry, including NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), Syntiant Corporation and OCTANE.

“Climate Change, Energy Scarcity, Cyber Security and Sustainability all require innovation […]

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Seeing Red for Education – Investing in Education is a National Security Issue

by: Paula Golden, President of Broadcom Foundation

Arriving in Tucson last month, my car passed a sea of red-shirted teachers protesting in solidarity with over 50,000 educators who marched out of their classrooms to the Phoenix statehouse to demand more funding for public schools. Teachers in Arizona and Colorado joined ranks with colleagues from states like West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky – with more to come. 2018.5.Seeing Red Blog Photo

This phalanx is seeing “Red for Ed’ucation.”  Rightly so; and it is no small irony that the people’s rebellion over education has been erupting in so-called ‘Red States’ whose elected officials have rejected federal and state funding strategies that might have averted such devastating consequences.  According to the Washington Post, “(t)wenty-nine states now spend less per student on K-12 education than a decade ago… and a number of these states have also cut income taxes, including […]

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Creating International Collaboration for Tomorrow’s Discovery

Breakthroughs in science and engineering don’t happen in a vacuum… but when multi-cultural and cross-disciplinary brainpower combines in one room to tackle big ideas, it moves mountains!

That is the vision behind the Broadcom Foundation University Student Workshops. The KKT Workshop – now in its 16th year – is proof of concept,  and the inaugural EMEA Workshop in 2017 and upcoming 2018 Asia Pacific Student Workshop reflect the foundation’s commitment to  innovation through international collaboration.

2017 EMEA Workshop

For the 2017 EMEA Student University Workshop, Vice President for Academic Programs & University Relations Nick Alexopoulos  partnered with professors from Tel Aviv University, Israel, Imperial College London, U.K., University College Dublin, Ireland, and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India to bring together some of the brightest students in engineering, computer science and neuroscience to collaborate on ‘Brain Emulation.’

The workshop’s topic was […]

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Changing the Game by Middle School: Stopping Sexual Harassment Before It Starts

Tackling sexual harassment in a blog that focuses on inspiring kids to become scientists and engineers might seem incongruous, but as I listen to salacious stories rolling out from the Nation’s Capital and the Big Apple to Hollywood and Silicon Valley, a song from Rogers and Hammerstein’s 1949 Broadway blockbuster South Pacific keeps repeating in my ear:

You’ve got to be taught

From year to year,

It’s got to be drummed

In your dear little ear

You’ve got to be carefully taught.

As a Boomer, I grew up believing that a level playing field was all we needed for women to succeed in their chosen fields. The #MeToo movement has radically changed my thinking, so I am adding my voice to the chorus of millennial women who say there needs to be a fundamental cultural shift in the American Workplace.

This cultural shift must begin before […]

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STEM, Scouting and Finding Your Tribe: The Importance of Rites of Passage in Middle School

I take scouting seriously: my family recited the Boy Scout Law at my father’s funeral as my brother, an Eagle Scout, wept.

Last week, I started a blog about how programs like scouting and the Broadcom MASTERS® create modern-day rites of passage through which young people can find their place in a society that amplifies the positive values and aspirational interests that enables them to become adults in-full and leaders in science, engineering, letters and the arts as well as society at large.

The National Boy Scout Jamboree has been a scouting rite of passage for decades; one that all scouts are encouraged to experience as they go from Tenderfoot to the “apex of leadership and character.” Thus, I was extremely gratified by the Boy Scouts of America CEO’s public disavowal of President Trump’s address at the National Jamboree when, rather than giving guidance and inspiration from […]

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Learn a Superpower – Coding

Marking the dawn for yet another superhero revival, Wonder Woman, is enjoying a much-anticipated reprise at movie theaters everywhere — the popular comic heroine finally displays her superpower strength on the big screen.

An idol to young women everywhere, Wonder Woman demonstrates power and ability in both body and mind — she is able to solve problems using what we now call ‘21st century skills’ — problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity.2015.8.GirlscoutsOC_STEM_5KelseyKeuning_settingup

How can your own little (K-12) wonder woman acquire these skills?  By learning to code!  Check out this fun game by Google Play, Made with Code and Warner Bros.  Help Wonder Woman fight the bad guys and learn programming concepts at the same time.


Or buy a $35 Raspberry Pi – the tiny, user-friendly computer that makes coding easy and possibilities endless.  […]

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Huffington Post: STE(A)MING MAD AND MARCHING FOR SCIENCE: The Union of Concerned Scientists are Concerned for the Union

This spring, my friend sent me a photo of the Jefferson Memorial, which we visited long before the ascension of Donald Trump and his Republican Congress. The image triggered this thought: were he here today, Thomas Jefferson – scientist, engineer, inventor, botanist, author of the Declaration of Independence, third president of the United States and founder of the University of Virginia (the first to open a school of engineering and applied sciences,) would be leading the March for Science on April 22.

2017.4.HuffPo.JeffersonMThrongs of scientists and science-minded citizens like me are marching in resistance to the president’s draconian appointments and policies that disavow established science, quell critical thinking, abrogate fact-based knowledge and threaten to roll back advancements in scientific research and education.

Thomas Jefferson would not be pleased; and his immortal words, engraved on the porticos of his memorial, sum up the […]

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Pi Day: Celebrating One University’s Quest to Inspire Everyone to Code — Scratching the Surface of What is Possible

Today – March 14th – marks International Pi Day – Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159…. and so on.  Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point!

International Pi Day is a great time celebrate math and celebrate those who strive to introduce computer coding to all.  Not just because we think coding is fun (and it is once you get the hang of it,) but because there are over 2.4 million STEM jobs waiting to be filled by young and old alike.

“If more stUCI ASPIRE PHOTO GIRLSudents and workers aren’t inspired to stick with STEM and coding, we will not have the millions of new workers needed [to make] our connected world […]

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Huffington Post: Time for a New ISEF Sponsor to take a Shot! Science Fairs Are an Important Arrow in the STEM Education Quiver

by: Paula Golden, as seen in the Huffington Post

Opportunity is knocking for the next champion of the world’s longest-running, largest, most prestigious and most inclusive high school STEM competition to step forward: the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) is up for grabs.

Deftly guided by the Society for Science and the Public for seventy years, science fair systems sponsored respectively by industry giants of their era – Westinghouse (from 1942 to 1997) and Intel (from 1998- the present) – are at the epicenter of virtually every state, national and international STEM education movement. Their renowned competitions, Science Talent Search, International Science and Engineering Fair and Broadcom MASTERS help drive our urgent imperative to educate disciplined, audacious STEM-literate adults at all levels of society who will fill millions upon millions of 21st century jobs that require flexible competencies in math, science and engineering.

Finalists from the [...]
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Broadcom MASTERS Champion Honored with Asteroid Naming

The “132005 Scottmcgregor” is not a large asteroid (it clocks in at about 2 to5 km in diameter), but it is big enough to cause similar damage as the one that is theorized to have killed off the dinosaurs about 65.5 million years ago.

Discovered by MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s Near-Earth Asteroid Research program (LINEAR), former Broadcom Chief Executive Officer and President, Scott McGregor, landed naming rights to the 132005 asteroid, a rocky space body that orbits the sun.

McGregor was honored with a celestial namesake by the Broadcom Foundation, Society for Science and the Public (SSP) and the CERES Connection to recognize his role in creating the Broadcom MASTERS science and engineering competition for middle school students, a program that marked its sixth anniversary last October.

The auspicious number of the asteroid assigned to McGregor coincides with the day he became President and CEO of Broadcom –132005 […]

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Huffington Post: Lost In The Fifties, Middle America Needs STEM Education & Infrastructure

By: Paula Golden, President of Broadcom Foundation

At a post-mortem forum on the 2016 U.S. election, Mexico’s former president Vicente Fox had choice words for those who elected Donald Trump. Yearning for the manufacturing glory days of yesteryear, American workers were seduced by a sloganeer who promised to “Make America Great Again.” But, said Fox, the world has moved on, and their jobs with it. Instead of attending community colleges to pick up critical skills and proficiencies that would have enabled them to transition into jobs of the future, American workers “went home to down a few beers.”
A sardonic critique from a politician on the other side of Trump’s ‘great wall’ designed to keep jobs in and émigrés out?  Not so.

Donald Trump perpetuated the destructive myth about our nation’s infallibility held by many in Middle America, especially workers in Coal Country and the Rust Belt whose family fortunes rose in the 1950’s when the United States dominated manufacturing and production […]

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A Woman’s Path to a STEM Career is through COLLABORATION

By: Paula Golden, President of Broadcom Foundation

Chronicling the first 75 years of the Digital Revolution, Innovators author Walter Isaacson wrote, “it is teamwork, not rugged individualism that ignites groundbreaking innovation in science and technology.”

The Broadcom MASTERS®, the premier national middle school competition organized by Society for Science & the Public, is a direct descendent of the Wessfchronicle_photo-3tinghouse Science Talent Search, which was founded toward the end of World War II when Isaacson’s story begins. The Westinghouse Science Talent Search was created in 1942 to nurture and elevate a generation of science and engineering innovators. Baby Boomers like me remember running in from backyard play on Friday evening to catch the official announcement of the science talent search winner on our black and white television.

When it was founded in 1942, STS competition awarded a prize to the “Top […]

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Broadcom MASTERS Alum Wins First Prize from EU

River Grace’s Passion for Biology Reaps Continued Rewards in STEM

Perpetual curiosity and a passion for animals has propelled River Grace, 17 of Melbourne, Florida from winning the Samueli Prize at the Broadcom MASTERS in 2013 to his 1st place finish at the 2016 European Union (EU) Contest for Young Scientists last month. One of only 3 Americans invited to compete, Grace brought home a big win for the United States for his investigations of the brahminy blindsnake’s central nervous system.2016-9-river-eucys-high-res

“I was both astounded and deeply grateful to have been selected for the honor of 1st place, and delighted to represent my nation and meet other young scientists who had a passion for knowledge, just like me – actually this reminded me a lot of the Broadcom MASTERS!” Grace said.

Grace’s investigation uncovered that the blindsnake has functional eyes (no one […]

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The American Dream needs a STEM Literacy Movement

“Just think, your grandchildren are going to grow up knowing a black man and a woman as their presidents,” mused my daughter as we celebrated my grandson’s fifth birthday in a public park on a beautiful fall day, anywhere in America.

Her words gave me pause as I prepare to make one last case for the importance of a STEM literacy movement in the United States during the 2016 election cycle. My image of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on West Front of the Capitol next January stands in sharp relief to the yawning chasm of STEM literacy and workforce preparedness between children of privilege and underserved youth, young men and women, and children whose parents have deep roots in this country and those who perilously crossed oceans and borders to realize the American Dream.

There is a dark undercurrent beneath partisan howls of […]

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