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Broadcom MASTERS Champion Honored with Asteroid Naming

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The “132005 Scottmcgregor” is not a large asteroid (it clocks in at about 2 to5 km in diameter), but it is big enough to cause similar damage as the one that is theorized to have killed off the dinosaurs about 65.5 million years ago.

Discovered by MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s Near-Earth Asteroid Research program (LINEAR), former Broadcom Chief Executive Officer and President, Scott McGregor, landed naming rights to the 132005 asteroid, a rocky space body that orbits the sun.

McGregor was honored with a celestial namesake by the Broadcom Foundation, Society for Science and the Public (SSP) and the CERES Connection to recognize his role in creating the Broadcom MASTERS science and engineering competition for middle school students, a program that marked its sixth anniversary last October.

The auspicious number of the asteroid assigned to McGregor coincides with the day he became President and CEO of Broadcom –132005 – January 3, 2005.

The official asteroid nomenclature states:

“Scott A. McGregor (b.1956), Broadcom CEO and Founding Chair of the Broadcom Foundation, championed the Broadcom MASTERS, […]

Huffington Post: Lost In The Fifties, Middle America Needs STEM Education & Infrastructure

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By: Paula Golden, President of Broadcom Foundation

At a post-mortem forum on the 2016 U.S. election, Mexico’s former president Vicente Fox had choice words for those who elected Donald Trump. Yearning for the manufacturing glory days of yesteryear, American workers were seduced by a sloganeer who promised to “Make America Great Again.” But, said Fox, the world has moved on, and their jobs with it. Instead of attending community colleges to pick up critical skills and proficiencies that would have enabled them to transition into jobs of the future, American workers “went home to down a few beers.”
A sardonic critique from a politician on the other side of Trump’s ‘great wall’ designed to keep jobs in and émigrés out?  Not so.

Donald Trump perpetuated the destructive myth about our nation’s infallibility held by many in Middle America, especially workers in Coal Country and the Rust Belt whose family fortunes rose in the 1950’s when the United States dominated manufacturing and production while other nations crawled out from under the rubble of World War II. Trump made them believe that the jobs in the factories and […]

A Woman’s Path to a STEM Career is through COLLABORATION

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By: Paula Golden, President of Broadcom Foundation

Chronicling the first 75 years of the Digital Revolution, Innovators author Walter Isaacson wrote, “it is teamwork, not rugged individualism that ignites groundbreaking innovation in science and technology.”

The Broadcom MASTERS®, the premier national middle school competition organized by Society for Science & the Public, is a direct descendent of the Wessfchronicle_photo-3tinghouse Science Talent Search, which was founded toward the end of World War II when Isaacson’s story begins. The Westinghouse Science Talent Search was created in 1942 to nurture and elevate a generation of science and engineering innovators. Baby Boomers like me remember running in from backyard play on Friday evening to catch the official announcement of the science talent search winner on our black and white television.

When it was founded in 1942, STS competition awarded a prize to the “Top Boy” and “Top Girl.” Then inexplicably in 1948, the competition dropped these designated awards, and winners during the second half of the 20th century […]

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